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Augsy's Story

Welcome to Augsy, the innovative brand registered under GenElek Technologies Pvt Ltd and incubated at the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Augsy was founded in 2021 with the forward-looking goal of completely changing the Industry 4.0 environment. Augsy is a hub of creativity and innovation that specializes in the creation of cutting-edge passive exoskeletons that are carefully made to improve the abilities and output of industrial workers. Our mission is driven by a dedication to cutting-edge technology that puts worker safety first, reduces tiredness, and works in unison with Industry 4.0 procedures. At Augsy, we take great satisfaction in pushing forward the boundaries of innovation to build a future where technology improves the lives of individuals who power industries as well as transforms them. Come along on this revolutionary journey with us towards a safer, more effective, and empowered workforce.

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