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Chair X1

For workers on assembly lines who must stand for extended periods of time, Chair X1 provides outstanding comfort.


Experience an innovation in comfort with Chair X1, the wearable chair exoskeleton by Augsy. This modern invention is intended to revolutionize the way you work and rest by offering unmatched comfort and support wherever you go. Chair X1 redefines convenience and adaptability and is perfect for use in standing desks and workstations, the assembly line in factories, and manufacturing units. Upgrade your everyday experiences with a wearable chair that fits into your schedule and provides the best possible support in a variety of settings. With Chair X1, discover the ergonomic solutions of the future.


Versatile Sitting Tool

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Unparalleled Comfort

Personalized Adaptation

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Enhanced Productivity

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Flexible height


Supports Posture

Still curious about CHAIR X1?

For further information on Arm X2, download our technical brochure.

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