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Our heavy lifting solution, Arm X2, lessens physical strain by offering required help during loading and unloading.

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An innovative wearable exoskeleton from Augsy that is revolutionizing the way physical tasks are performed. This unique solution is a game-changer for people in a variety of occupations since it offers the best support for the back and upper body. Arm X2 is made to transform daily tasks, from ergonomic assistance to heavy lifting. Arm X2 is an effective tool for increasing productivity and lowering physical strain in a variety of industries, such as retail, distribution, construction, agriculture, warehousing, and logistics. With Arm X2, discover the support technology of the future.


Light Weight

User-friendly Design

Reduces the risk of
musculoskeletal injuries

Enhanced Worker Productivity

Untitled design (4).png

Reduces Physical Strain

Extended Work Periods

Still curious about Arm X2?

For further information on Arm X2, download our technical brochure.

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